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What is the Buyback of your material?

In its concern for the environment, Connexing offers to take over your electronic equipment.

We organize the removal of your prepared equipment and transport it to an ISO 14001 certified site where it is taken care of and dismantled.

Your equipment is thus valued in the form of credit for the purchase of new or reconditioned equipment, on the entire Connexing catalogue.



Preserve the planet, ensure your cash flow.

Conditions of Buyback

Connexing takes back all types of equipment that may be functional and/or defective.

The valuation is calculated by Connexing according to the nature of the material that you provide. This recovery proposal is then valid for 1 month from the costing.

To prepare for the recovery of your equipment, you must package it in a cardboard box (for telephone equipment).

If the quantity requires packaging on a pallet, this must follow the volume and weight standards applied by the carriers.



Upon receipt of the list of equipment for which you

want to get rid of, our experts study

the value of your equipment to offer you the

best trade-in offer.



Turn cost into profit. The destruction and

treatment of end-of-life equipment

compliance with the WEEE standard* represent

a significant cost to a business.

Connexing offers you to take back your equipment for free


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Don't throw away your old equipment, recycle it! Connexing offers a take-back service that allows the dismantling and recycling of your equipment
in compliance with environmental standards, on an ISO 14001 site.

4 reasons to submit your equipment to Connexing

You benefit from a credit note to finance your equipment
You do not pay transport costs for your old equipment
You limit your costs
and destruction
You become a
responsible economic player

How it works ?




Centralized management of collection requests
• Needs study (removal logistic maintenance sheet with on-site contact)
• Make a collection appointment (within 5 working days)
• On request: transmission of driver's registration numbers and contact details
For each departure of equipment from a customer site, an equipment removal slip is printed and signed by our carrier.

Identification, traceability and recording of materials
As soon as an unloading is carried out at our processing center, our operators check that the quantities of materials packed and collected correspond to the quantities received.
It is then that they edit the reception control document allowing quantitative and qualitative comparisons to be made.
All incoming materials are recorded in our database allowing perfect traceability.




Blancco Server Edition

A fast, efficient and 100% secure solution for erasing data in server environments. Blancco's detailed and flawless reporting meets and exceeds requirements
international standards regarding data erasure.

Total security

If the hard drives have not responded to the proper functioning tests, they are dismantled, degaussed by magnetism and physically destroyed.


Auditing and



A powerful scoring system
In order to guarantee fair value for your products, we have developed a tailor-made graduation system.

This notation is based on four grades
A: Like new, tested & cleaned. Scratch-free screen, shell with micro-scratches, no shock.
B: near new, tested & cleaned. Screen with invisible micro-scratches when turned on, shell with micro-scratches, no shock.
C: good general condition, tested & cleaned. Screen with scratches, hull with scratches and signs of wear, no shock and signs of wear in general
D: pronounced signs of wear, tested & cleaned. Screen with pronounced scratches, hull with scratches and traces of wear, traces of shocks and wear in general.




A safe storage area
The external accesses of our partner and the entire storage area are under video surveillance in order to guarantee optimal security of the equipment with regard to the contents of the hard disk and the equipment itself. All accesses are equipped with an alarm.

Identification and isolation
After unloading from the truck, the pallets are immediately identified with their origin.
An isolation area is also available for specific customer requests.
Pallets awaiting processing remain filmed


Audit Report

Essential in the Recovery process, the Audit report will then communicate the precise number of equipment in working order, or not.

It will therefore make it possible to confirm or adjust the value of the estimate established beforehand and will give the precise amount of the valuation of the equipment, to edit the credit note afterwards.





Reception at the processing center
Obsolete electrical and electronic equipment is taken to the processing center located closest to the collection point.
On arrival of the vehicle, the agent in charge of reception follows the following steps: weighing of the full truck on the weighbridge, unloading of D3E, weighing of the empty truck, publication of an overall summary

The sorting stage
The products are then sorted and weighed by category according to their material compositions and the specific treatments to be carried out, in accordance with the WEEE DIRECTIVE of July 4, 2012

Creation of the certificate
For each batch, a certificate of destruction is produced showing the weights by category of products accompanied by its waste tracking slip (at the specific request of the customer).
Non-functional equipment received will be considered as electronic waste and will be sent for recycling in order to be dismantled and destroyed, according to the standards in force.

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