Nice to TRUST you!


We are very happy to announce the new partnership between us at Connexing and Trust International B.V.



For more than 35 years Trust has set itself the goal of making everyday life easier through digital solutions. As? Proposing professional, convenient and quality accessories, able to accompany every worker (both in the office and remotely) towards an optimal experience.

Trust in smart working


Trust in office


We are thrilled to be able to collaborate with a company that operates worldwide and with which we share important values ​​such as attention to social and environmental issues.

Just like Connexing, in fact, Trust places a particular emphasis on sustainability, which translates into:

Equity of Treatment
Equity for the Planet
Equity for the Price

What does ECO products mean?

This category includes those products that are made from RECYCLED materials: this means that ECO products are NEW products obtained from the reuse of material destined to be destroyed.

The linear economy of the consumer electronics industry must reduce its dependence on dwindling resources. Only by recycling these resources will responsible growth be possible.

One of the Trust's goals is to make 80% of new products from recycled materials.



Attention to the Environment

As already mentioned, Connexing and Trust share a fundamental value: attention to the environment.

For this reason, we offer to plant a tree for each recycled ECO product you purchase in order to promote the reforestation of our planet.

You will also receive a planting certificate which certifies your commitment and attention to the environment 



We buy back your material and we offer you a technological refresh

Starting the new working year with an extra gear is possible, but to do it, you need to be well equipped!

Making sure you're working with new, cutting-edge products not only increases work efficiency but also employee happiness.

This is why we have decided to propose the buyback or collection of your used material to guarantee you a technological refresh at very competitive prices.

Request more detailed information, contact us and receive assistance in less than 4 hours!

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