What is hardware REPAIR?

Connexing offers repairs to extend the life of your products. This service saves up to 70% compared to the purchase of a new product, but also has a beneficial environmental impact.


Preserve the planet, ensure your cash flow.


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material for shipment


Save up to 70%

compared to the price 

of new equipment

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Reduce your carbon footprint.
The most ecological material is the one not manufactured. Having your equipment repaired has a positive impact on the planet

The Repair Process

Request a quote for
repair to your dedicated contact or in the form at the bottom of the page. 
Prepare the shipment of your equipment, and include in your package the repair order provided by Connexing with the order acknowledgment. The sending of the equipment is the responsibility of the customer, the return costs will be borne by Connexing.
Repair time
within 5 working days
from the
receipt of the material.

To know

  • To optimize transport and handling costs, the repair can be studied with a minimum of 10 parts to be repaired.
  • For DECT, the batteries cannot be repaired, so they should not be included in your shipment of equipment.
  • Repair times are 5 working days (excluding transport)
  • We carry out a repair in 3 stages for more safety and to allow your equipment to be reconditioned as close to new as possible.
  • After an identification of the defective points, a triple repair is implemented:
-> Electronic repair (change of components)
-> Cosmetic repair (cleaning, replacement of deleted keys, etc.)
-> Mechanical repair (change of parts)

Very exceptionally, i.e. in less than 1% of cases the verdict may be negative for the repair. For example when the workshop does not have the necessary spare parts, or in the absence or absence of replacement or substitution parts or in the event of oxidation. In the event of non-repair of a defective item, we will return it to you as it is, without invoicing, in the same package as the repaired items.

Connexing guarantees all repaired products for a period of six months from the date of delivery. It is the ideal solution to extend the life of your products. A traceability label is integrated for better stock management.

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