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Yes, associating ecology and technology is possible.
We accompany you in the digital transformation through innovative solutions and services aimed at creating a dynamic and more productive work environment, constantly working with the dual objective of preserving the environment and society.


Our Commitments

Through our commitments, in our small way we are putting all our strength into helping people and the environment. We have financed the planting of more than 209,000 trees in Mali and Madagascar and subsidized more than 8,000 hours of school support. We have also helped nearly 200 girls in Burkina Faso and promoted the reintegration of more than 750 young people into the professional world.

In fact, since 2018, the Connexing Group has obtained the B Corp certification. It is a movement that carries strong values ​​of change around the world to make companies "a force for good" and distinguish those that reconcile profit and collective interest.

The goal of B Corp is to certify companies that integrate social, humanitarian and environmental objectives into their business model and operations.

B Corporation Certification

In 2018, Connexing was certified B Corp and joined an international community whose ambition is to reconcile profit, general interest and pursuing a higher purpose than just earnings. The B Corporations have in common that they are involved in continuous progress aimed at maximizing the positive impacts of their activities, seeking to expand this commitment also through their stakeholders: suppliers, customers and partners.

Connexing is the first French company in the IT supplies market to join BCorp, also integrating its subsidiaries. Our ambition is to intensify our commitments towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by integrating new ones, making new and clear commitments with all our stakeholders.

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We are a company with a mission!

Our mission is an integral part of the spirit of Connexing. In fact, since 2020, we have become the first company with a mission in the IT world. Not only in France, but also in our branches in Belgium and Italy. The quality of a company with a mission represents the fact that it - in parallel with the pursuit of profit - wishes to work for the common good. It places the resolution of social and environmental challenges at the heart of its model. Connexing also obtained this status for its subsidiaries in Italy and Belgium.

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