Our Products: constant productivity.

We help you create the perfect office.

Professional products for working anywhere and at any time, at home or in the office. A complete range of high quality telephone and IT solutions, capable of preserving the environment and natural resources.

Professional Telephone Headsets, Fixed and Cordless DECT Telephony, Cloud Switchboards, IT and Solutions for Conferences and Meeting Rooms, and much more. In the New or Eco-Recycled version, it is possible to find the best collaboration and communication solutions.

The right solution for every need and working environment.


Whether it is wired, wireless or DECT hardware, we are able to offer the right solution according to every need.

Whether it's having to work sitting at a desk or always being on the go, choose your headset or smartphone that best suits your needs.

Telephony, audio and videoconferencing, but also PCs and Laptops, IT solutions that are now indispensable for any business.

Mobility within the workplace has become increasingly essential over time, and more and more employees require it. Staying connected and connected everywhere is in fact essential.


From the Jabra, Poly or Epos USB headset for contact centers to the Cloud telephone switchboard to answer calls on the device of your choice.

Manage workspaces and meeting rooms in a productive way and make your video or audio conferences professional, thanks to intuitive and efficient solutions.

And if for Connexing the protection of the environment is one of the main objectives, it is also offering companies solutions capable of maximizing productivity while reducing costs. In fact, for most of the products, we are committed to offering both the new and the eco-recycled version.

A complete range of products, essential for every work activity.


New, eco-recycled or eco-responsible collaboration and communication solutions to work anywhere and with maximum productivity. Video and audio conferencing tools, PCs, traditional telephony, smartphones, accessories and professional telephone headsets.

Whether it's working at a desk or mobile and smart workers who require greater mobility, the Connexing product catalog is full of the best wired, hands-free or wireless solutions. Choose the solution that best suits your needs.

New Products: the best in business telephony and IT

We are committed every day not only to offering you the best brands of professional telephony and IT at the best price, but also with a view to eco-sustainability.

Through the supply of New Material we accompany you in the choice of your material, favoring products with low energy consumption. We also use raw cardboard packaging and optimize the logistics circuit for shipping your products in order to reduce the ecological footprint of their transport.

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Eco-Recycled Products: an economic and durable offer

Eco-Recycled material offers you the possibility to find numerous products sets even if they are no longer manufactured. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to extend the life of your products fleet by combining economy and ecology.

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